SDS Platform/Seat Removal

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This removes the seat from SDS Platform bikes.

Video Guide
Zero motorcycle - How to remove your seat by Alternative Standard on YouTube
  • Unload any luggage racks before taking the seat off for an extended period of time to avoid stressing the racks.
    When luggage racks are installed, the seat bolts are load bearing (or at least damping).
  • An M8-1.25×55mm socket cap bolt with a 6mm Allen head can be used if the kit bolt is lost.
  • 2015+: T45 Torx wrench (for seat bolts).
  • 2013-2014 (with top or side racks): 5mm Allen key (for seat bolts).
  1. When luggage racks are installed Remove the top case and/or side cases to ensure the rack is unloaded.
  2. Remove the M8-1.25×55 seat bolts.
    Push the seat down and forward as needed to help ease out the bolts.
    Seat Fasteners
    Seat Fasteners with Top Rack Installed
  3. Pull the seat back a couple of inches and then upwards.