SDS Platform/Y-Shaped Underseat Frame Removal

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This removes the Y-Shaped Underseat Frame.

2016 DSR underseat view
  • 10mm hex socket wrench with at least 20mm of depth.
  • 5mm Allen key.
  1. Remove the seat.
  2. Use the 10mm socket wrench to loosen the locknuts anchoring the forward end of the washers.
  3. Use the 5mm Allen key to loosen the bolts at each of the rear ends of the frame piece.
  4. Remove the locknuts and the bolts in a coordinated pattern to avoid putting it under asymmetrical loading.
    • Take care not to lose the washers in the frame piece or in the bike's cabling areas underneath as each bolt and nut comes off.
  1. Ensure the underlying cabling is placed in its original orientation to avoid strain.
  2. Press the frame piece's fastener holes onto the corresponding threaded bolts on the frame arch over the rear of the battery.
  3. Align the rear ends of the frame piece with the corresponding frame holes, and thread the bolts with washers gently into position (without tightening) to secure the frame piece.
  4. Thread (without tightening) the front locknuts with washers onto the forward bolts.
  5. Tighten the two forward nuts and rear bolts in a coordinated pattern to settle the frame piece into the right load-bearing orientation.
    • Take care while tightening not to strain any cables or wiring underneath the frame piece.