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Tool Kits

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2013-2014 S/SR/DS
== 2013-2014 S/SR/DS ==
All "wrench" entries could be open-end, box, or even a socket. Torque values for most fasteners can be found in the owners' manuals.Add-on / aftermarket accessories (lights, windscreens, luggage, etc) may require additional tools.
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! Tool
| Philips #1 Screwdriver| Throttle assembly, turn signal lenses|-| Philips #2 Screwdriver| Handlebar control switches, throttle assembly (smaller sizes)front brake fluid reservoir, misc plastics|-| Flathead Screwdriver| Suspension adjustments
| Hex key 3mm
| Hex key 4mm
| Headlight, footguards, horn bracket, brake line clamps, misc
| Hex key 5mm
| Front axle pinch bolts, brake rotors, left mirror perch clampsclamp
| Hex key 6mm
| Seat, front axle, subframebattery box, motor mounts, other fork clamps, misc structural
| Hex key 7mm

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