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Tool Kits

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This is a reference for the tools needed to work on Zeros. Some or many of these may be worth carrying with you on your bike.
All "wrench" entries could be open-end, box, or even a socket.
Torque values for most fasteners can be found in the owners' manuals.
Add-on / aftermarket accessories (lights, windscreens, luggage, etc) may require additional tools.
Sample Tool kit:
[[File:Tool kit sample.jpg|400px]]
== 2013-2014 S/SR/DS ==
| Spoke wrench (DS ONLY)
| Wheel spokes
| Belt tension gauge
| Drive Belt
| Tire Pressure Gauge
| Tires
== Spare Parts ==
Here are some recommended spare parts to carry on your Zero:
* Low voltage fuses (10 amp, 5 amp ATC style)
* High voltage fuses (ABC20A, ABC4A, ATM30 - see your owners' manual)
* Spare Drive Belt (especially on pre-2017 models)
You may also consider carrying a tire repair kit with the appropriate items to repair a tire (patch for tubes, plug for tubeless) and a pump or CO2 cartridge to refill the air.

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