SDS Platform/Tail Plastics Removal

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This removes the S-Platform Tail Plastics from the bike.

Note: The author documented the reassembly; removal was inferred. Confirmation would be helpful.
Zero S tail subframe with upper plastics removed
Video Guide
Zero motorcycle - How to remove your tail plastic by Alternative Standard on YouTube
You'll be disconnecting the rear lighting wiring and removing the tail subassembly, and then removing the tail plastics from that.
The lower plastics removal are particularly difficult, even for dealers!
  • 3mm, 4mm, 6mm Allen wrenches.
  • For the seat bolts: T45 Torx wrench (without top rack) or 5mm Allen wrench (with top rack).
  • Phillips screwdrivers.
  • Needle nose pliers.
  1. Remove the seat.
  2. Remove the black seat pan bolts and nylon washers with the 3mm Allen wrench
    These are located lower on the side, near the hollow frame tube.
    There are 5 pairs of bolts to remove (documented via reassembly analysis):
    ZeroTail01.jpg ZeroTail02b.jpg
  3. Use a Philips screwdriver to unscrew the bolt holding down the rear of the plastic controller cover.
  4. Cut the cable ties around the signal wires on the left side of the seat area behind the controller.
  5. Disconnect the turn signal wires and brake light / plate light wires.
    Take a photo to record their connections for correct re-assembly.
    ZeroTail16.jpg ZeroTail17b.jpg
  6. Remove the 4 bolts that hold tail frame with a 6mm Allen wrench.
    This detaches the tail frame.
  7. Remove the tail extension using a 4mm Allen wrench. Mind the turn signal wires that go through holes here; draw them through.
  8. Remove the black tail enclosure plastics from the cosmetic plastics via the tabs.
    There's also two clips at the end on top of the taillight.
  9. Use a Philips screwdriver to remove 5 screws holding the cosmetic plastics to the frame from underneath.
  10. Use a 3mm Allen wrench to remove the two screws holding the cosmetic plastics to the top of the frame.
  1. With the tail light off, bolt the top plastic to the metal frame.
  2. Clamp the bottom tail plastic and screw in the 5 screws that hold both pieces together
  3. Here is how the black tail plastic fit with the tail light.
    Notice the "zipper" down the middle.
    There's also a very small one on top of the tail light.
    On the outside are the tabs that clip into the cosmetic plastics.
    ZeroTail05.jpg ZeroTail06.jpg
  4. Loosely bolt the end of the black tail plastic to the frame.
    Note the small nut that's between two fins of the controller.
    It can easily be held with a pair of pliers.
  5. Rotate the pieces up and temporarily (and loosely) attach them to the frame.
    ZeroTail08.jpg ZeroTail09.jpg
  6. Bolt the tail light:
    1. Remove the temporary bolts from the previous step.
    2. Push a driver down through the plastic (because of the angle of the taillight bolts).
    ZeroTail10.jpg ZeroTail11.jpg
  7. "Zip" the plastic back together.
    There's also a tab on top of the tail light that must be fitted properly.
    I added duck tape to seal the interior of the compartment to keep it cleaner.
  8. Snap the clips on the cosmetic plastic.
    NOTE: It's not the cosmetic piece that should move but the black piece
    I found it helped to have one hand inside and one hand outside to fit the pieces together.
    There's also two clips at the end on top of the taillight.
  9. Loosely bolt the tail and fit the wires back through the small hole.
  10. Add a new zap strap and tidy things up.
    ZeroTail16.jpg ZeroTail17b.jpg
    Note that before disconnecting the wires, I took a picture of the set up to be able to match the colours.
    In my case, red goes with green and white goes with grey (confirm locally). In the case of a 2018 SR, it was red/black to red and green/white to white.
  11. Fasten all the loose bolts.
  12. (If applicable) Re-attach the top and side racks.