Turn Signal Flasher

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The turn signal ("blinker") flasher is a simple three prong flasher relay.

It's attached directly by a plug so is easily replaced if it fails (or for an LED compatible unit).
Flasher Unit 12V
PN: 8078
Made by Ecie Cheng Du


Flasher Unit 12V
P.N. 013341
Low Noise Revision
As of 2016, the part is revised with the description "low noise".
This suggests reduced electronic and/or audible noise.
This model of flasher relay is noticeably quieter, and that year coincides with reports from Zero management of EU EMF/EMC noise compliance expenditures.
2019 discrepancy
There is a report from a 2019S owner that CF14 wiring and a relay was present.
No further information is known; please revise if you learn more.
Silent Revision
As of 2020?, the part is from the manufacturer Guilera and makes no audible noise.
This again suggests reduced electronic noise, again likely as a result of EU EMF/EMC noise compliance expenditures.
The orientation is specific:
  • Look at the pins with the middle L (load) pin on top.
  • 2018+: The orientation should be B+ (left), L (center), then E- (right)
    The common CF13 relay orientation is appropriate.
    Most off the shelf relays are oriented with E-, L, then B+, and should connect without modifications.
  • 2013-2017: The left pin should be E1- (battery negative, AKA "emitter") and the right should be B1+ (battery positive).
    The C14 relay orientation is appropriate for these models per pacificcricket
    Reversing the wiring can be necessary to adapt a generic relay.
Flasher Location
Years Platform Location Photo
2012 S/X Under the seat below the fuse block. 2012S-obdii-port-and-fuse-block.jpg
2013+ X Behind the right fairing 2013-fx-flasher-relay.jpg
S In front of the front plastics area under the frame "wishbone" with other electrical connections. Tank-relay-connectors.jpg