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The Meanwell HLG-320H-54A power supplies are used as onboard chargers for early Gen2 Zero models (2013 and the 2014FX) and are directed by the CCU board since they lack a CANBus integration.

  • For SDS Platform models, 4 chargers are wired 2s2p for 1.3kW total.
    If any power supply unit fails, the charger should drop to half its output capacity (whether by blowing a fuse or faulting open internally).
  • For XMX Platform models, 2 chargers are wired in serise (2s1p) for 650W total.
    If either power supply unit fails, the charger will fail to produce output entirely.
  • See Half of a charger fail.
  • It is possible to replace only the dead charger if you have one.
    You'll need big crimping tools and shrinking sleeves.
    Zero sends the full pack of four chargers.