Gen2/Rear Axle Removal

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This removes the Rear Axle part of Rear Wheel Removal.

  • 27mm socket
  • Breaker bar
  1. Place the motorcycle on a lift or rear stand
    Raise just enough that the rear wheel spins freely.
  2. Mark/photograph where the alignment marks reside on each side of the axle for re-alignment when re-installing the wheel.
  3. On the right side, loosen the rear axle nut (27mm) with the breaker bar.
  4. Remove the rear axle nut.
  5. Pull the axle part-way out so that the wheel can be moved forward enough to loosen the belt.
  6. Pull the belt off of the rear sprocket.
    Let it hang outside of the swingarm slightly to avoid interfering with the wheel.
  7. From the left side, pull the axle through the wheel.