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There is a tiny and hopefully growing group of applications for managing your Zero.


Zero's Official Mobile Application
Zero Voltage
  • This app shows battery voltage (V), charging/discharging current (A), charge rate (watts), remaining battery capacity (Ah), high/low battery temperature (C) and cell balance (mV).
  • This app is very useful for working with the bike with high-speed chargers, to gain insight into battery state that can help avoid a temperature problem or help understand SoC.
Metrics for Zero Motorcycles
  • Track and compare your Zero Motorcycle data while riding.
  • Find useful information about energy consumption and temperature ranges to know more about your riding style.
  • Keep all your rides history in one place and compare data to understand how improve battery life and optimize the use of energy.
ZeroSpy for Zero Motorcycles
  • Install this app on a first device and connect your Zero motorcycle (not SR/F) via Bluetooth.
  • Install this app on a second device and monitor your charging statistics from everywhere (gets information from first device via internet).
  • Define triggers that are executed at a specified state of charge (Examples: switch power outlet or trigger an IFTTT action)


Zero's Official Mobile Application

Work is still in progress on this platform for the aftermarket.


The online log parser has an offline HTML+JavaScript (saved single-file web application) that can be used in a basic way on a mobile device.