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Zero publishes a native mobile app for their vehicles that connects to the MBB via Bluetooth LE.

First, check Zero's official mobile app user guide for an official and somewhat comprehensive overview.


Ride Mode

Statistics Mode

Indicator Guide
Page Indicator Official Description Unit Unofficial Guidance
Home State of Charge %
Battery Time Until Charged An estimate of how long it will take for your Zero to fully charge. Hours and minutes (hh:mm)
Capacity Kilowatt Hours kWh
Capacity Amp Hours Ah
Charging Watts This provides an estimate of Watts running into your battery from the on-board charger. W
This multiplies incoming current to the battery from any source by current pack voltage.
Any charger contributes to this.
Power draw by the chargers will be higher due to inherent inefficiencies.
Total Kwatt Hours Used kWh
Trip Kwatt Hours Used kWh
Cell Balance This is a diagnostic indicator of the current state of balance; this is for Zero Motorcycle dealer reference. mV This represents the maximum difference in cell voltages in the series of cells that stack up to a Brick.

Upgrading Firmware

As of 2017, Zero models are capable of performing remote firmware updates by the customer using the mobile app.
Apparently this doesn't transfer to older models because the older boards did not have enough storage space to perform an atomic/reversible update.
This means holding both firmware versions and being able to toggle which version to use.
So, if anything goes wrong with a firmware update, the system can roll back to the previous version without requiring a dealer visit.


First, check Zero's official mobile app user guide for an official and somewhat comprehensive overview.

Obtaining Logs

The Zero companion mobile app can send logs to Zero customer service, or to an email address.
2014+ models can export BMS logs in addition to the primary MBB logs, but the extraction time can be very long, so in an emergency just focus on the MBB logs first and try BMS logs later.
The logs are binary-encoded in a proprietary way.

Decoding Logs

You can send the logs to yourself, and use a log file parser utility to do some digging which might save time if the utility can successfully decode the relevant parts.
Forum thread introducing the tool.
GitHub repository for the log parser.
Incomplete/reverse-engineered log structure documentation.
Online version of the log parser app, just upload your .bin file and view the results.
HTML/Javascript downloadable log parser, works on your Android/iOS phone to decode log files on the same device.