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This describes removing 2013+ S platform tank plastics.

Patrick Truchon's Under the Hood notes show photos of removal with simple instructions.
Keep removed fasteners and washers organized so you don't lose them.
  • 3mm allen key wrench.
  • PH2 Philips Head screwdriver
    preferably a compact side-ratcheting tool or a very long tool to reach across/through the steering head area.
  1. Remove the seat.
  2. Use the 3mm allen wrench to loosen both bolts at the rear of the "tank" around the frame centerline.
    These have washers to mind keeping.
    Rear mounting bolts
  3. Use the 3mm allen wrench to loosen 2 bolts at the front of the tank around the lock / handlebars.
    These also have washers.
    Neck mounting bolts
    At this point, the flexible plastics attaching the tank to the front of the frame allow lifting the tank slightly if that is enough for your purposes.
  4. Use the Philips-head screwdriver to loosen the three screws on each side of the front inside of the tank.
    Front inside mounting bolts
    The topmost screws have washers.
    The bottommost screws are the most inaccessible, recessed in a narrow slot in the plastics.
    A special tool is most needed here, especially with a DS/DSR to clear the fender. E.g Chapman Mfg #1916 or Wadsworth Falls Mfg Co,
  5. Lift and remove the tank plastics.
    All mounting bolt locations labeled with plastics removed
    Tank removed (left)
    Tank removed (right)