12V Fuse Block

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The 12V fuse block protects the DC-DC 12V Converter from faults in all the 12V components on Gen2 models.

Gen3 models have a fuse block but the protection has redundant upstream components in the MBB, so the fuse block just helps with isolation.
Platforms Years Components Rating Notes Photo
S,X 2013+ Accessory circuit 10A Sumimoto plug (all years) and SAE plug (2014+ years)
2013 Fuse Block
Headlamp 10A
Instrument cluster (Dash)
running lights
Turn signals (Flashers)
brake lights
Ignition key 5A
2015+ ABS circuit and the ignition key 5A
2015-2016 Fuse block (label inaccurate; rotated 180°)
ABS pump 25A limited duty
ABS valve 10A
The fuse block connects to the positive side of the DC-DC 12V Converter output on its left side.
The downstream wires enter a mesh sleeve, through a ferrite ring to clean up RF interference, and lead forward into a larger sleeve that runs (for the S-Platform) along the left side of the forward tank area.
Location (SDS Platform)
Under the seat under the Y-shaped frame join piece's left rear leg.
For 2015+ models, the 25A ABS pump fuse is mounted to the back of the block and may require removing the frame join piece to access fully.
Location (XMX Platform)
On the frame under the right side front body panel.
For 2015+ models, the 25A ABS pump fuse is mounted to the frame above the block.
Location (FST Platform)
Under the rider's seat on the right side.