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A throttle lock applies friction to the throttle handle to hold power demand to a specific level, as opposed to a cruise control that targets a given speed.

For complicated reasons, typical motorcycle throttle locks have a tricky adaptation to the Zero.
See our Common Modifications section on throttle locks for a comparison.

Atlas Throttle Lock

Atlas officially supports all Zero models with their throttle lock that sits on the inside of the throttle grip.

  • They recommend only the Top Kit for the S and SR models because the handlebars get close to the tank plastics at full rotation.
  • DS/DSR/FX/FXS models seem to be able to accommodate both the Top Kit and the Bottom Kit; check the page for how to decide between them.
  • NOTE: The original version (before top and bottom mounts were distinguished) was thinner and easier to fit.
    Some have reported using a fine amount of milling to fit the Magura throttle on 2013-2014 models, and even for later model years.

Kaoko Throttle Stabilizers

Kaoko does not offer an official fitment for Zero motorcycles, but the inner bar diameter is 14mm and at least one model has been confirmed to work.