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Anderson Power Products make high-power DC connectors with many safety features.

The Zero platform standardizes on the SBS line, particularly the SBS75X, particularly the Brown variant (SBS75XBRN).

12-24AWG with special pins.
The different colors are designed to mark which DC voltage range they're meant for.
The physical plugs also have safety features so that brown will only connect with brown, black with black, and so on.
This is most relevant in an industrial setting where multiple systems are in play that may require different voltages and need operator guidance to prevent mistakes.
Tooling per Anderson
Several knowledgeable forum members have reported that Anderson's own recommended crimping tool is not adequate - an alternative has not been presented.
Best crimping tool for Anderson SBS-75X
NOTE: Many guides are available but often skew to the low-power 12V Powerpole segment which has less danger or quality requirements than the level of power and voltage going to the Zero:
Anderson Powerpole Assembly Instructions
How to install Anderson Powerpole connectors (unofficial guidance video)
Using and Crimping Anderson Powerpoles Without the Special Expensive Tool (unofficial guidance video)
50a 6-8g quick cable connectors - when the best still suck - Anderson Power Pole Connectors shows a solar installation connector with some lessons learned via mistakes.
NOTE: The SBS series are not part of the PowerPole family.
Anderson Powerpole Connectors
Anderson Powerpole Data Sheets and Drawings
  • Pin removal
    1. With an appropriate small tool (nonmarring pin removal plastic tool, or small flat-blade screwdriver), depress the metal tab under each pin.
    2. Push gently on the pin (or pull gently on the pin from the rear) to slide it out.
  • Remove and re-insert Anderson pins (unofficial guidance video)
Family Connector Part Mouser PN
SBS SBS75X Connector, Brown 879-SBS75XBRN-BK
Aux socket connector 879-PM16S1416S32
Aux pin connector, standard sequence 879-PM16P1416S30
SBS50 Connector, Brown 879-SBS50BRN
#10 AWG connectors 879-1339G3-BK
#6 AWG connectors 879-1339G2-BK