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Basically, the way to kill a Zero battery the fastest is to either:

  • Ride it to absolutely dead as possible, and then store it in a shed for six years, or
  • Store it at absolutely tip top charge in direct sunlight in a super hot desert in Arizona somewhere.

Either way, you will still struggle to kill them before the 5-year warrantee is up.

So, to prolong your battery life, you can do the exact opposite:

  • Store the bike in a cool place with a stable temperature at a medium SoC.
  • About 60% or so is fine for S/DS (one BMS sipping on 3-5 cellboxes) or 70% for the FX modules (one BMS per cellbox).

Definitely consult Zero's own official charging recommendations as well.

When you get done riding your S/DS hard on a hot day, let it cool down for 4-6hrs before charging it.

This takes less time for FX modules.
Fast Charging
Fast charging is fine, but know that around the .8C mark is the point where at normal ambient temp, you go from cooling off to heating up.
If your pack is already hot from a ride through the desert at WOT, and you fast charge, you are still going to be on a hot pack when you continue your WOT journey.
This is not a big deal, but it's helpful to bring the battery temperature back down to minimize the aging effects that this accumulates over time.
The BMS will keep you from really breaking your pack, so don't worry about it.