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Rate Of Improvement
Battery technology is improving every year, but not at the same rate as computer technology.
A 10% per year increase in capacity might be a reasonable expectation.
We can always hope that there will be a significant breakthrough that makes is way to production and changes the state of the art much quicker.
For the time being though, we have robust technology that should give you five to ten years of service and a range of about 100 miles of mixed riding as long as you don't spend much time on fast roads.
What To Expect For Now
It's perfect for many city commuters and people who like relaxed rides taking the country roads.
You will need an ICE bike for longer journeys and touring, unless you are willing to plan in long charging stops.
If you can use your bike for your commute or have regular trips that cover less than 100 miles a day, then range anxiety won't be an issue.