Battery/Rate of Charging and Discharging

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The Farasis cells have a nominal capacity of 25 Ah (as of 2013-2014).

Each cell has a maximum continuous discharge rate of 100 A (4C rate).
You would have to discharge the battery in 15 minutes to achieve that, which is impossible to achieve normally.

Conveniently, the Zero S 11.4 should achieve a range of approximately 70 miles at a constant speed of 70 mph.

That would result in a full discharge in an hour.
Even maintaining 80 mph, the maximum sustained speed of the bike, it's difficult to empty the battery pack in less than half an hour.
So the cells are operating well within their specifications.

The maximum charge rate for Zero battery packs is 25A for each cell or brick (2013-2014), which would mean a full charge in an hour, referred to as a 1C rate.

Even with a 6.6kW level 2 charge, you're only going to get a full charge in 2 hours, probably more like 2.5 hrs as the charge rate will drop as the battery reaches capacity.
Yet again, the cells are under relatively little stress even with a fast charge.