Belt Noise

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The belt often makes various noises while riding that sound vaguely concerning.

These noises should be investigated.
Potential Causes
  • Belt misalignment.
  • Debris between the belt and sprocket.
If the belt is misaligned, it may be under asymmetric loading, and fail early and badly.
If the belt is encountering debris, it may fail early and badly.
Potential Solutions
  • Check the belt and sprockets for debris and clean them with a non-abrasive brush.
  • See the Belt Adjustment procedure.
  • Fine tune where the belt rides on the rear sprocket.
    this FB post by Paul Murray suggests this method for dealing with belt noises.
  1. Adjust the belt tension screws on the back axle so the belt tracks just barely off the side lip.
    The side lip was rubbing the side of the belt and making noise.
  2. Loosen the axle nut so the tensioners can move the axle freely.
  3. Adjust the belt tension with the sprocket side tensioner and keep the brake disc side even, using the brake side tensioner screw.
  4. Use the alignment notches on each side as a reference.
  5. Then, with the rear wheel off the ground, spin the back wheel by hand.
    Using the accelerator is sketchy and spinning by hand will probably do the job.
    Observe where the belt is riding.
  6. Adjust the brake side tensioner a 1/4 turn (or less), in or out, and spin the wheel again.
    Observe where the belt is tracking.
    As you do this a few times you will see the belt move from side to side.
    When you find the spot where the belt tracks just off off the side lip, and the tension is correct, that is the happy spot!
    That should eliminate some belt noises.
  7. Tighten up the locking screws on the tensioner bolts, and tighten the axle nut when finished.
Disclaimer Disclaimer: I am not a motorcycle mechanic, but using the notches for axle location is just not accurate enough for belt tracking.
  • Replace the belt with a loose chain drive, where such alignment is not an issue.