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This guides a reader through a procedure. Here, you should describe background information that the reader doesn't necessarily need but helps editors manage the content.

<includeonly> Describe what this procedure aims to do.

Video Instruction
Link to a YouTube/etc video showing a walkthrough.
How someone showed how they performed this procedure
The following photos feature a YEAR-MODEL bike with some relevant customizations that you mention so they're not confusing.
  • Describe a tool; include a specification for the tool.
  • (How many parts) Describe each part.
  1. Describe the preparation.
  2. The next step.
    If this step needs explanation, indent it.
  3. Another step.
    • If a few things need commenting and are each things to do but not in order, use a bulleted list.
  4. The last step often should include some basic testing.