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Warning Warning: The accuracy of this information cannot be guaranteed. Have your dealer double check the part before ordering.

AF1 Racing hosts Zero-specific parts lookups by model and year that identify parts and list official part numbers. 2014+ years have Zero parts diagrams per model.

  • This is useful for when you know what the part you want looks like, but not the part number or some core fitment measurements.
  • You will still need to order the part from the dealer.
  • Most PDFs start with pages that look blank. Just scroll down.
Missing Information
  • Electrical components and connectors.
  • Pre-2014 model diagrams.
Alternative Interface
Brian Rice maintains a Google Data Studio application to filter through the parts entries more quickly than the original website.
Parts Diagrams
Year Parts Listing Model Parts Diagram
2017 2017 Parts Listing SR 2017SR Parts Diagram
S 2017S Parts Diagram
FXS 2017FXS Parts Diagram
FX 2017FX Parts Diagram
DSR 2017DSR Parts Diagram
DS 2017DS Parts Diagram
2016 2016 Parts Listing SR 2016SR Parts Diagram
S 2016S Parts Diagram
FXS 2016FXS Parts Diagram
FX 2016FX Parts Diagram
DSR 2016DSR Parts Diagram
DS 2016DS Parts Diagram
2015 2015 Parts Listing SR 2015SR Parts Diagram
S 2015S Parts Diagram
FX 2015FX Parts Diagram
DS 2015DS Parts Diagram
2014 2014 Parts Listing SR 2014SR Parts Diagram
S 2014S Parts Diagram
FX 2014FX Parts Diagram
DS 2014DS Parts Diagram
2013 2013 Parts Listing S
2012 2012 Parts Listing
2011 2011 Parts Listing
2010 2010 Parts Listing