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Using the Zero App to download the logs, and Phreak's Log Parser Utility (forum, Github, online), different users have reported the latest firmware versions to be:

Latest Board and Firmware Versions
Board Year Revision Version Revision Version
2013 1 67
2014 1 44 1 43
2015 3 25
2016 3 51 3 39
2017 12 21

The online log parser has a list of the most recent firmwares that have been uploaded to the server: Latest Firmware Versions

Feel free to update this section as you discover new available updates.

Guessed/Inferred Changes
Version Changes
Component Version Release Date Notes
MBB 48 spring 2017
49-51 49 Build Date: 06Jul2016

51 Build Date: 25Apr2017

Confirmed: SoC improvements, particularly for pre-2016 model years.
Observed: 2016 SoC is significantly more pessimistic in v51 than in v49.
Guess: Throttle remapping to a smoother roll-on curve.
Guess: Regen seems to apply more broadly.
  • Firmware mismatch problems (bms on power tank versus ZF pack)
  • SoC problems
  • Which versions are known safe?
  • Observed changes
  • Differences by year/model
  • MBB
  • BMS0
  • BMS1
Upgrading Firmware
As of 2017, Zero models are capable of performing remote firmware updates by the customer using the mobile app.
Apparently this doesn't transfer to older models because the older boards did not have enough storage space to perform an atomic/reversible update.
This means holding both firmware versions and being able to toggle which version to use.
So, if anything goes wrong with a firmware update, the system can roll back to the previous version without requiring a dealer visit.
Zero Motorcycles on their website now lists changes of Zero Motorcycles vehicle firmware