Fork Oil Change and Spring Replacement

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Fork Oil Level Note
Measure from outer tube end to oil surface (Condition: spring, spring joint, spring collar, seat rubber, slider, fork bolt are removed and dust seal touches axle holder)
FastAce fork oil change / spring replacement+ part 2 by Ray Ivers
  • 7mm Allen wrench for riser bolts.
  1. Put the motorcycle on a stand.
  2. Remove the risers and handlebars using a 7mm Allen wrench.
  3. Loosen the fork caps, front axle, and brake caliper bolts while the front wheel is on the ground.
  4. Fork cap / spring removal...
  5. Oil change...
  6. Fork spring / cap replacement...
What Torque Bolt
Handlebar clamps 15 ft/lb M8
Handlebar risers 25 ft/lb M10
Triple clamps (all) 15 ft/lb M8
Fork caps 15 ft/lb M46
F caliper bolts 18 ft/lb M8
F axle end cap 15 ft/lb M8
F Axle clamps 9 ft/lb M6