Front Brake Lever

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Zero motorcycles have a right-hand lever for the front brake, as is common for motorcycle designs.

Brake Lever
Brake Lever Switch
Primary adjustment
The brake lever has a dial for adjusting the lever position relative to pad pressure and rider finger reach.
Set it however lets you operate it comfortably and safely.
Brake Light and Regen Switch
A set screw on the inside of the lever adjusts how a micro-switch is depressed.
The micro-switch is what activates the rear brake light and the "braking regen" mode at the same time.
Any adjustment or replacement of the brake lever should be followed by recalibrating this set screw to get the desired effect.
Too much free play and the switch will activate when going over bumps and result in a slightly jerky ride.
There is some guidance on how to adjust this: Brake Lever Adjustment to Regen Before Pad Contact.
NOTE: It seems like there's small difference in how this set screw is secured in stock lever compared to replacement lever (2016 SR), even though they look identical.
I wasn't able to adjust this screw on stock lever, however replacement lever adjusts with no issues.
You will need 7/64 SAE hex key to adjust.
Use some light threadlock compound (Blue Loctite will do) to fix the set screw in the desired position if it seems to move too freely out of the desired range.
See Front Brake Lever Adjustment
Removal, Repair
See Front Brake Lever Replacement