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Charger Power Cord
The charging cord is a 10-ft 14AWG cord with a NEMA 5-15P (US) to IEC320 C13 output plug rated for 15A.
Zero specifies that any extension cord be at least the above specification, and 15A continuous rating is important to look for.
  • The S-Platform onboard charger draws 11-12A at 120V AC (and half the amps at ~220V).
  • The X-Platform onboard charger draws 7A at 120V AC (and half the amps at ~220V).
  • When in doubt, prefer a thicker gauge cord, a shorter length, and a sturdier plug.
  • Do not let a charge cord sit coiled up, particularly in a container; make sure that any heat produced is not confined near the cord for any reason.
  • Plugging into a 220V outlet will reduce the current to the onboard charger by half, so is one way to drastically minimize risk to any cords.
See Spare Onboard Charger Power Cables