Gen2/Charging Indications

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Indications of charging activity:

The dash charging light will flash while charging.
The dash charging light will be solid once fully charged.
The BMS front indicator window shows 4 LEDs.
The number of LEDs lit indicates the SOC level in quarters.
Voltage (verifiable with the mobile app)
Battery voltage will rise with its state of charge while charging from below 20% and then stays relatively constant (easing from 100V to 104V) from 20% to 80% where it starts rising again.
A Zero battery will have a full charge when it has 116V while at rest.
During a charging session, the voltage will dynamically increase by as much as 1V so expect 117V at the end of a full charge until charging stops.

Indications for the Zero battery state of charge while charging may have a significant inaccuracy at high charge rates.

Typically, indicated SoC will lag (lower than) actual SoC towards the upper end of the range (80% - 100%).
Turning the motorcycle off and letting the contactor open and waiting for several seconds should restore charge accuracy.
The BMS historically would thereby reset its method of SoC estimation to a static voltage-based method.

The battery will charge most efficiently between roughly 20% and 80% state of charge, with voltage high enough that current limits allow more power input.

At higher voltages, chargers taper out of concern to maintain battery condition.