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These collect useful spare parts for Gen2 models.

Spare Parts for Everyday Riding
  • 12V fuses (10A, 15A typically).
  • Tire patch kit, suitable for tubed (pre-2015 DS or FX bikes) or tubeless tires (all others).
  • Cable ties and electrical tape for wiring.
Spare Parts for Travel
  • Belt
    ~$90, only available from Zero.
    Expect to eventually use it as replacement; avoids a delay waiting on delivery.
    Tools for belt replacement: 27mm socket with breaker bar, 10mm hex key...
  • Eaton JJN-100 fuse or size-matched 200V-rated fuses (30A will do in a pinch, being lower-spec)
    Fixes the accessory charging circuit which can be circumstantially blown without compromising the main boards.