Gen2/Fabricate Rear Axle Sliders

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The rear axle is hollow and can accommodate sliders like the ones R&G Racing sells for 2013-2014 Zero models, or this for later models including FX.

Suggested Materials
  • ¼" × 36" all thread rod ($2.27)
  • ¼×20 lock nuts, 4 ea. ($2.36)
  • M10×1.25 40 mm bolts, 2 ea ($1.82)
    tried drilling the stock bolts but they beat me so I bought these and drilled holes for safety wire.
    Not sure why I couldn't drill the OEM bolts, could just be crappy bits?
  • ¼" washer, 4 ea. ($2.46)
  • Blank skateboard wheels, 4 ea. ($12.70)
rear axle slider how-to