Gen2/Instrument Cluster/Troubleshooting

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How to use the instrument cluster to extract basic diagnostics from the bike, and also understand when and how it's malfunctioning.

Entire Display Flashes
If the dash display in its entirety is flashing after keying the bike on, this indicates an onboard charger self-test failure.
Key the bike off and wait for a few seconds and retry, and it should clear.
No Backlight
Check your running lights and license plate lights, if those are also out then check the fusebox (see: seat removal).
If the fuse pops right away, there is a short circuit in the wiring harness (as happened to a MY2016 DSR pinched wiring harness (or mouse nest!) to the license plate lights).
Disconnect the tail light module and the display module connectors; if the fuse still pops, try removing the tail and tracing the short circuit.