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Bike Controller Limits
Years Models Manufacturer Model Input Voltage Phase Current
2009-2011 S/DS Alltrax AXE4855 refs: [1] [2] 48V 500A
2012 XU Sevcon Gen4 Size 2 120V 220A
S/DS Gen4 Size 4 420A
X/MX Alltrax AXE7245 refs: [3] [4] 72V 450A
2013-2016 XU Sevcon Gen4 Size 2 120V 220A
S/DS/FX/FXS/MMX Gen4 Size 4 420A
SR/DSR Gen4 Size 6 660A
2017+ S/DS/FX/FXS/MMX Gen4.5 Size 4 550A
SR/DSR Gen4.5 Size 6 775A
2017 “Gen4.5”
2017 models reference higher current ratings without publicized evidence of a Sevcon model change.
These improvements seem to be in choosing MOSFETs with increased power switching efficiencies to allow higher continuous and peak current levels.
“Gen4.5” has been a term heard describing these improvements.
Gen4 Size 6 Controller
Gen4 Size 6 Controller Internals