Gen2/Rear Shock Substitutions

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Years Models Worked? Description
2013-2014 S/SR Yes JRI Double-Adjustable Shocks per 2014 SR shock absorber replacement by Doug S with Harlan's help.
Yes (with machining) Wotefusi [1] 260mm Central Air Shock Absorber Universal Fit - fits when mounted upside down. Need to cut/grind down the bushing.
Yes (with machining) TDPRO 260mm 10.2 [2] Almost fits; the area on top of the spring is just slightly too large. You can take a grinder and shave away some of the top to make it fit. [3]
NO The Yamaha R3 has the same length rear shock, but the spring is too wide.
NO Fastace Rear Shock BDA-51AR/58-AR has a weaker spring, and is rotated 90 degrees. [4]
Mixed results - new orders may have all the kinks worked out. IKON 3610-ZERO-S Shock Absorber [5] - The spring is too wide at the top, and to be installed, the sping must be compressed. When Installation is complete, the spring is always compressed by at least a couple centimeters.
Mixed results - Get dimensions from Wilber's dealer before ordering - theirs is ~279mm Wilbers Shock absorber Type 640 Road Part. No.: 640-1143-00 [6] Wilbers claims the shock fits "2011-2013 S M5" (which does not exist). The M5 designation is buried in the VIN of the 2014 S; and may or may not be relevant. This shock could be mislabeled for the DS. Make sure to get full dimensions before ordering.
Yes - DO NOT BUY ZXTDR Rear Shock Absorber Suspension Sensa-Trac Load Adjusting for Dirt Pit Bike Motorcycle 1200LBS. [7] This shock phyisically fits, but underperforms. It feels like you're riding on a trampoline. You get what you pay for.