Gen2/Spare Onboard Charger Power Cord

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The OEM-supplied power cord is a good default option, but might wear out or not be usable in all situations.

  • The charging cord should have no thinner gauge than 14AWG with a NEMA 5-15P (US) to IEC320 C13 output plug rated for 15A.
    The onboard charger draws 11-12A at 120V AC (and 7A at ~220V).
    Any cable rated below this specification will heat up and deteriorate so would be unsafe.
  • A shorter cable can be more efficient by offering lower resistance.
Hospital Grade Plug
  • A hospital-grade power cord will have higher-quality plugs to avoid creating heat that would cause wear and danger over time.
Reel Warning
Do not use a retractable extension cord reel!
Unless it is completely extended, the cord will not dissipate heat properly.
For reasonably-priced replacements, Monoprice has options in a few lengths: Power Cords w/ 3 Conductor PC Power Connector.
Longer Cables
  • Longer (25+ft) cables should be bought in a lower gauge (thicker wire) like 12AWG.
  • Or, if 25+ft needs to be made from two cables, make sure that most of the run is a 12AWG cable and only use 14AWG for a short section at the end (3-6ft).
  • 15 vs. 25 feet at 12 amps (max pull in the Zero manual) is a 0.76% vs.1.27% voltage drop over distance respectively.
    A single use socket (no other attached devices - as recommended in the Zero manual) should work.
    Even assuming max pull at 15 amps (120v breaker/socket) it is 0.95% vs. 1.58%; either way it is over 110v over the distance, which is normal for the residential circuit of that type.