Givi Monokey Adapter Plate Install

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To install any Givi box, get the universal Monokey (part E251) top case adapter.

Zero's top rack is set up for Monolock cases, which are fine but simpler and often smaller.
  • M5 hex key wrench
  • 10mm hex socket wrench
    Both a deep and shallow socket are helpful for reaching under the rack near the tail and behind it.
  • Philips Head (PH1) screwdriver for fastening the cover.
  • Blue Loctite threadlocker to keep the fasteners tight in all weather.
GIVIE251 boxed.jpgGIVIE251 unboxed.jpgGIVIE251 contents.jpg
  • 1 adapter plate
  • 1 thin cover for the adapter plate
  • 4 5mm Allen head socket bolts.
  • 4 10mm hex nylon locknuts.
  • 4 square slotted washers.
  • 4 universal clamp brackets.
    The clamps are not needed for the Zero OEM top rack, just the square washers.
  • 6 Philips head (PH1) screws for the cover
    2 of these are smaller and only fasten the center of the cover
  1. Place the square washers as indicated to match the Zero top rack plate holes.
    GIVIE251 orientation.jpgGIVIE251 inset.jpg
    The square washers can be placed one slot forward or back to position the adapter on the plate.
    A forward position can impede a passenger but provides an easier load on the rack in case that is a priority.
    Rotate two of the square washers so that the slots alternate direction.
    This firmly secures the adapter in the lateral and forward-to-back directions.
  2. Install the bolts through the washer slots into the top plate.
    Fastened top plate
    These bolts experience heavy weathering from the wheel below, and then the moisture sticks around.
    It helps to use some Blue Loctite threadlocker and corrosion inhibitor on the screws and bolts.
  3. Fasten the cover plate with the four corner PH1 screws.
    Givi E251 Coverplate screws
  4. Fasten the central two much smaller PH1 screws.
    The smaller screws seem to be free spinning and the threads do not engage when installed.
    A work-around is to stuff some plastic bag material or other filler into the plastic column underneath in the mounting plate where each fastener should attach to.
    This seems like an oversight by Givi and it is not mentioned anywhere in the instruction sheet.