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All routes should start and end at reliable 200-265VAC charging stations. Mennekes in Europe and New Zealand, Blue Commando where applicable, and for North America, J1772, Tesla Destination Chargers, and NEMA 14-50 RV plugs are common reliable charging options.

Please limit each segment to the capabilities of a ZF11.4 battery pack (a full monolith for a 2013-2014 Zero S, DS, or SR), 75mi/120km or so.

Routes will typically have more stations/stops than a person would actually stop at. The theory is that it's easier to delete waypoints than to add them, and that it's good to have alternatives should a station owner. And that if there's trouble charging somewhere, that the location of the next candidate station should be readily available, even if you don't have a data connection. (Google Maps app has now has capability of giving directions when there's no internet connection.[1])

All charging stops should have been entered into the E-Touring Metamap (with links to,, etc., i.e. verifiable sources of information)

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