Kickstand Install

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This installs or replaces the Kickstand.

See also/first Kickstand Removal.

  • Center lift or stand.
  • Large flat-blade screwdriver or specialized tool like drum brake spring pliers for spring removal and replacement.
  • E-clip tool (or needlenose pliers) for the 3/8" E-clip.
  1. (When replacing) Remove the allen bolt securing the springs to the old kickstand.
  2. (When replacing) Transfer the 2 bronze bushings from the old kickstand:
    1. Remove the 2 bronze bushings from the old kickstand.
    2. Clean and grease bushings.
    3. Insert bushings into new kickstand and replace chamfered bolt with springs.
      My chamfered bolt was not very tight and I assume it was being held in from the spring tension.
      I went to tighten it all the way in but that seemed to push the springs out too far.
      I put blue Loctite on it and threaded it about half way in.
      I will check this after a few rides to ensure it does not fall out!
  3. Place the new kickstand onto the pivot.
  4. Install the pin and spring
    Pin Before Spring
    1. Insert the pin.
    2. Raise the kickstand to its stowed/horizontal position.
      This minimizes the amount of force/extension to install the new spring.
    3. Install the spring over the kickstand hook with a suitable tool (see tools requirements).
    Spring before pin
    Have the pin and a tapered punch that fits nicely in the hole ready to go.
    1. Clean the pin and apply fresh grease to it.
    2. Hook the springs onto the frame, grip the kickstand with both hands, put your shoulder into the bike so it won’t tip.
    3. While pushing straight down on the kickstand, get it onto the frame and insert the tapered punch.
    4. Now raise the kickstand into the stowed/horizontal position.
    5. Remove punch.
      The hole will be almost aligned.
    6. Insert the pin as far as it will go, mine stopped at the frame.
    7. With the kickstand still in the up position, tap the bottom of the kickstand pivot area up towards the frame with a dead blow hammer while pushing the pin in.
      This should align the hole and allow the pin to go right in.
      Insert the pin and fasten it with a new 3/8" E-clip.
    Note: This is the most difficult and dangerous part of the job.
    Use eye protection while doing this and ensure your hands won't be damaged if the spring flies back while getting it over the hook.
    Focus on applying steady force with as much leverage as possible to extend the spring back along the swingarm.
    • One trick is to use a strong line looped through the hook as a pulley.
    • Another trick is to bend the spring enough back and forth to insert pennies between the coils, which holds it in an extended position.
      Then loop the spring over the hook and pull the pennies out with pliers.
  5. Check the operation of the kickstand a few times.
    Ensure that it operates smoothly.
    Ensure the kickstand sensor detects the position of the kickstand, by checking the interlock indication on the dash while the bike is keyed on.
  6. Put the kickstand down before letting the motorcycle off the lift to rest on it.