Kill Switch

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The kill switch (or engine cutoff/cutout switch) is a toggle switch on the right handlebar switch assembly prevents motor operation as a separate control from other interlocks.

On the right handlebar switch assembly.
Push up/forward to cutoff motor operation.
Push down to enable motor operation.
When to Cutoff Motor Operation
  • Whenever the bike should not be operating.
    This is a redundant safety mechanism to prevent injury or damage.
  • If the vehicle is on its side after a crash or other incident.
    This prevents spinning up the wheel.
  • Whenever someone unfamiliar with the motorcycle is sitting on it or nearby.
    If they intentionally or unintentionally touch the throttle, this prevents their lack of familiarity from causing a surprise excursion.
The status command in the MBB console can report its reading.
While energized, a voltmeter will indicate 5V across the input leads if the switch is open, and 0V if shut.
While de-energized (and confirmed), resistance across the switch will be high if open, and low if shut.
Connections (Gen2)
It is wired as a digital input to the MBB.
SPST where the off position is an open circuit, for failsafe considerations.
Red 20AWG - (assumed high/positive-5V) to MBB pin 23 (per 2013 trace)
White 20AWG - (assumed low/0V) to MBB pin 24 (per 2013 trace)