Loose Kickstand

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A loose Kickstand means that the kickstand moves laterally against the pivot on the mount.

Video Guide
Facebook thread showing a wobbly kickstand on video
It's caused by lack of lubrication.
Without any lubricant the aluminum stand wears away from the friction of putting the stand up and down.
The bolt and bushing are steel; over time the the hole in the stand gets enlarged by the corrosion from the steel bushing.
Solution Strategies
  • Shim or replace the bushings.
  • Replace the entire assembly including the bolt, bushing, and the stand.
    When assembling the new one apply plenty of waterproof grease.
    To get the spring on, mount the spring to the bike and stand with the stand in the up position.
    Get someone to help, get the stand mounted as close as possible, have your helper ready with the bolt, give the stand a bit of a pull as your helper inserts the bolt.
    Use blue locktite on the threads.
    Keep it well lubricated with spray grease (not, say, WD-40) to avoid this from happening again.