Loss of Power to Motor

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The onboard systems may cut off power to the motor and/or controller as a protective function if a fault is detected (whether real or misguided).

Related Confirming Symptoms
  • On the dash, the green Driving Enabled light is off.
    If it is blinking or off, the contactor is open.
  • Check the dash for Error Codes:
    20, 28, and 29: Isolation Faults.
    44: Engine cutout switch.
    45: Kickstand Sensor.
    39: Throttle reading high or low.
    42: Battery high temperature.
    43: Battery low temperature.
Potential Causes
Mostly, check the Accessory Charging Port while on the road.
  • Confirm that the rubber boot/cover on the accessory charging port is in-place.
    The accessory charging port comes with a rubber boot/cover.
    This circuit is low voltage so not dangerous, but loss of power while riding can be dangerous.
  • If the motorcycle cuts out in the rain or shortly after, check whether the connector is covered properly and try to dry it out.
    Pull off the boot and shake it free of moisture while the bike is keyed off.
  • Leave the Accessory Charging Port boot cover in place when not in use.
  • If the motorcycle exhibits cutouts in the rain, apply dielectric grease to vulnerable connections.
    This hopefully reduces the chance of shorting or the appearance of a short.