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All of Zero's motors are air-cooled and mounted on a shaft that is aligned with the front pivot of the swingarm so that transmission tension is perfectly aligned with swingarm movement.

Motors by Model
Gen Brand Designation Years Models
Gen1 Agni/Saietta 95-R alt 2009-2011 S/DS/X/MX
Motenergy ME0810 2011-2012 X/MX
ME0913 2012 S/DS
Gen2 Z-Force Motor 75-5 2013 FX/MX/XU
2014-2015 FX
2016 FX/FXS
75-7 2013-2016 S/DS/MMX
75-7R 2014-2015 SR
75-7R (IPM) 2016-present SR/DSR
75-5 (IPM) 2017-present FX/FXS/S/DS (Longbrick)
Gen3 75-10 (IPM) 2020-present SRF/SRS