OEM Rain Guard Install

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This installs the OEM Rain Guard on an S-platform Zero model.

Video Walkthrough
How to install the Zero rain guard on your motorcycle by "Dump the Pump" on YouTube:
Difficulty and Time Estimate
Easy / less than 1 hour.
Parts and tools
  • Rain guard kit
  • Optional washers
  • License plate bolts long enough to add the rain guard
  • Phillips head (PH1) screw driver (not a bit driver), wrenches or screw driver for the license plate hardware.
  1. Remove the license plate.
  2. Peel off the red reflector above the license plate.
  3. Back out, clean, and save the three screws under the reflector to remove the reflector bracket.
  4. Put the rain guard in place with the wide tabs lined up with the top holes of the license plate frame.
  5. Locate two recessed Phillips head screws under the tail that are in line with the narrow-spaced holes at the front of the rain guard and remove.
  6. Make sure the wires feeding the turn signals are in the forward notch on the rain guard.
  7. Put the white spacers in the kit into the recessed tail holes and secure the front of the rain guard using the supplied long screws.
    Optionally add washers to the underside of the rain guard before inserting the screws.
  8. Attach the new reflector bracket and apply the new reflectors.
  9. Attach the two wide tabs to the back of the license plate support using the license plate bolts while reinstalling the plate.