OEM Side Rack Install

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This installs the OEM Side Rack.

This process is a little complicated.
My kit did not come with any printed instructions. I found them here: https://www.af1racing.com/store/ProdImages/st3/ZM10-08119_d7.pdf
The rack kit comes with reasonably good instructions so for now this only addresses the complications to be aware of:
  • The lower mounts are a pair of brackets that bolt to the inside of the frame where the passenger pegs are installed.
    The 2018 Zero S bracket installs inside of the bracket that holds the footpeg (not against the frame as a previous author wrote above, which could be true for other models).
    There is very little clearance in this area, because it faces the motor.
    A telescoping ratcheting wrench or a small open ended socket wrench will be necessary to tighten the bolts.
    Removing the lower side plastics yields some clearance from the front for working with these bolts using a flat wrench.
    Do not fully tighten these bracket mounts until the entire assembly is in place, and then tighten them evenly.
  • The assembly that holds the turn signals will be projected rearwards to clear the cases.
    This requires some work with the wiring to re-run them through the new bracket and is slightly awkward but can be finished with a little patience.
  • The rubber bumpers needed to dampen side case vibration might fall out if you ride without the cases.
    Maybe apply a little rubber glue or such to hold them in place if this is a concern.
  • On the 2018 S (at least, maybe others) there is no ferrite box as described in the instructions.
  • The hole through which the rear blinker light wires go is small enough that I taped a string to the wires before I removed them, so I could use it to pull the wires back through during reassembly. You won't be able to get your hand down into the space under the tail fairing to pull them back through. I just used masking tape and was careful to be sure the two connectors were end-to-end so they would fit through the wire-diameter hole one at a time. It worked well and was glad I took the time to use the pull string method.
  • When I tried to remove the seat, the right side bolt would not clear the hole in the top box rack tube. I had to use the side of a drill to ream out the hole until the head of the bolt would clear. Zero could have been more careful in this manufacturing step, evidently.