OEM Touring Screen Install

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This installs the OEM Touring Windscreen on any Zero model.

Used a MY2016 DSR
OEM Screens are from MRA; most MRA screens for naked bikes have the same hardware type, so these instructions apply to the commuter screen as well, aside from the spoiler.
Tools (common to many MRA mounts' hardware)
  • 6mm Allen key wrench for the handlebar clamp bolts and replacements.
  • 3mm Allen key wrench for the screen mounts.
  • (Optional) flat blade screwdriver to set spoiler adjustment tension/firmness.
Contents of kit (TOURING SCREEN 10-08058 $250 usd)
TOURINGSCREEN10-08058 parts1contents.jpg
  • Windscreen assembly, plastic edge piping trim and two metal clips.
TOURINGSCREEN10-08058 parts2package.jpgTOURINGSCREEN10-08058 parts2contents.jpg
  • A lot of these things are shrink wrapped to a card.
  1. Assemble ball socket windscreen things to be tensioned by nuts and socket head bolts
    TOURINGSCREEN10-08058 ballmountnuts.jpgTOURINGSCREEN10-08058 ballmountbolts.jpg
  2. Orient ball mount assemblies and slide on handlebar mounting brackets
    TOURINGSCREEN10-08058 orienthandlebarbrackets.jpg
  3. Prepare windscreen through-mount pieces and affix to windscreen
    TOURINGSCREEN10-08058 windscreenthroughmountnut.jpgTOURINGSCREEN10-08058 windscreenthroughmountbolt.jpg
  4. Mount to handlebars using provided bolts to replace the top stock handlebar clamp bolts. Torque per the owner's manual.
    TOURINGSCREEN10-08058 handlebarbolts.jpg
  5. Add piping
    Begin with one end
    TOURINGSCREEN10-08058 pipingstart.jpg
    Add a clamp
    TOURINGSCREEN10-08058 pipingfinaltop.jpg
    Trim to length and add the other clamp. If enough is left over you could attach some to the bottom.
    TOURINGSCREEN10-08058 pipingfinalbottom.jpg
Left-over parts
  • Handlebar clamp bolts
  • Piping scrap.