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Gen2 Zero motorcycles have a stock Level 1 charger built in, accepting single-phase AC from common household outlets (100V to 240V).

2016 DSR battery case bottom with charger removed
Bolted onto the underside of frame under the battery pack.
Protected by a metal belly pan on the DS/DSR/FX and very hard ABS plastic on the S/SR/FXS.
SDS Platform - Located on the left side of the frame above the footpeg with a rubber boot attached.
XMX Platform - Located in the front below the right "batwing".
The inlet is an IEC 60320 C14 inlet for a cord ending in a C13.
The bike comes with a tethered C13-shaped rubber dust cover for the inlet, P/N 45-04864.
It protects the inlet from dirt which would create resistance and heat in power connections, eventually damaging the inlet and/or the onboard charger.
Press the dust cover in firmly after unplugging the cord to minimize wear on the inlet and charger.
It's very cheap to replace but seems proprietary so far.
Charger electrical connections face the rear towards the motor; cables run upward.
The onboard charger for Zero motorcycles is rated to use 100V to 240V AC but is limited in capacity to the 110V power rating, so operates at half current at 220V.
Efficiency should be a little bit higher at higher voltages because of the reduction in current.
Onboard Charger Models
Charger Input Output
Platforms Years Manufacturer # Model Power @110V @220V Current Dimensions IP Rating Photo
S and X 2009-2012 DeltaQ 1 QuiQ 1000 1000W 8A 4A 8A 10.9” ⨉ 9.7” ⨉ 4.3” IP66
SDS 2013 Mean Well 2s2p HLG320H-54A @320W (via Mouser) 1300W 11A 7A 11A 8.87” ⨉ 14.17” ⨉ 1.724” (4 in a row) IP65 2013S onboard charger
2014-2017 GreenWattPower (Calex subsidiary) 1 EVC-116-1200 14.76” ⨉ 9.76” ⨉ 1.73” Calex onboard charger
XMX 2013-2014 Mean Well 2s1p HLG320H-54A @320W (via Mouser) 650W 5A 3A 5A 8.866” ⨉ 3.543” ⨉ 1.724” ea
2015-2017 GreenWattPower (Calex subsidiary) 1 EVC-116-720 720W 12.20” ⨉ 7.08” ⨉ 2.0”