SDS Platform/Belly Pan Removal

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This removes the Belly Pan from SDS Platform bikes.

Video Guide
How to Remove the Zero's Onboard Charger by NewZeroLand on YouTube from the beginning to 2 minutes in shows very clearly how to remove the pan from a Zero SR.
  • 3mm Allen key.
  1. (Optional) Place the bike upright on a front wheel stand if a vertical drop of the pan is suitable.
  2. Loosen each of the 8 bolts retaining the belly pan (4 per side), without removing.
  3. Remove each fastener in some suitable rotation so the pan isn't temporarily left dangling by one fastener.
    The pan is lightweight and can be manually suspended if convenient, or use a lift to catch the pan and lower it.
  4. Set the bolts aside with the pan for replacement later.