SDS Platform/Install Tank Lock As Tail Helmet Lock

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This relocates the stock tank lock on SDS Platform models onto the tail as a helmet lock.

Most motorcycle locks place a helmet on the side of the tail section.
SDS Platform models have a stock lock on the frame behind the front forks, for locking in the tank bag but is also somewhat usable for helmets.

How to use this lock with a flexible cable loop to lock a helmet

When replacing the tank bag with a Power Tank, Charge Tank, or other tank replacement, the lock can be repositioned as it is no longer as accessible or uniquely suited for that position.

  1. Pick a spot on the (left side of the) frame where there are no wires.
    NOTE: Figure out more specific ways or places to do this.
    Warning Warning: Be very careful when drilling holes in the tail; the Sevcon motor controller and cabling are inside and should not be compromised for any reason!
  2. Tape the frame for drilling.
  3. Use the lock to mark the hole positions on the tape.
  4. Keep drill speed down a bit so the screw head will go in.
  5. Drill 2 small pilot holes then enlarge (up to 3/16 or 3mm; need to get more specific here).
  6. Position the lock in a hook-down orientation over the holes.
  7. Insert the same screws and tighten.

The existing holes in the frame might be worth re-using or filling in.


Ian Semple described a relocation on Facebook
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