SDS Platform/Subframe Parts

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SDS Platform/Subframe Parts
Years Models Subsystem Part No Type Description Notes Diagram Quantity Link
2014 S+DS Subframe 21-06708-1 Frame SDS MAIN FRAME NOTE: Does not apply to SR Frame (Left) 1 [1]
SR 21-06709-1 SR MAIN FRAME [2]
S(R)+DS 21-06710-1 Swingarm 21-06710-1 S SWINGARM Rear Suspension [3]
2014-2019 SDS 21-06979 Seat Frame SDS SEAT FRAME WITH FUSEPANEL MOUNT NOTE: Shaded area of the bracket only found on SR Frame (Left) [4]
2016 S+DS 21-07500 Frame SDS MAIN FRAME ABS NOTE: Superseded by 26-08101 Frame(Left) [5]
2015-2016 SDS 21-07747 Swingarm S SWINGARM Rear Suspension [6]