Steering Parts

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Steering Parts
Years Models Subsystem Part No Type Description Notes Diagram Quantity Link
2014-2020 Gen2+Gen3 Fasteners 90-02105 Washer WASHER ISO 7093-1 6-200 HV ZM-F-01 REV 02 Steering Systems 1,2,10 [1]
S(R)+Gen3 90-07369 Screw HEXAGON SOCKET BUTTON HEAD CAP SCREW ISO 7380 M6X14-8.8 ZM-F-01 REV 03 ZM-L-01 REV 01 4 NOTE: Does not apply to DS 1 [2]
2018-2020 DS(R)+XMX+Gen3 90-08123 Bolt HEX FLANGE BOLT STAR DRIVE M5X12 8.8 ZM-F-01 1,2,3,4 [3]
SDS+Gen3 90-08222 Nut CUSTOM STEERING STEM NUT M27 X 1.5 X 14MM COUNTERBORED FLANGE NOTE: does not require washer 20-06278 1 [4]