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A streamlined electric motorcycle could be extremely efficient and practical.

  • Terry Hershner and Craig Vetter's Zero Streamliner proved that efficiency was possible by setting several records.
  • This was done at a cost of altering the frame, considered impractical by many.
  • Vetter has shown that his full teardrop reduces highway speed energy use by 50%.
    It is optimized for 70 MPH with a 30 MPH headwind.

Reducing drag by mounting fairings that reduce the overall wetted surface of the vehicle and distributing pressure over the surface of that body.

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  • Loss of efficiency at speed is very high for a motorcycle and rider.
  • Recharge rates for electric motorcycles will be roughly proportional to discharge rates at highway speeds for the near-term future.
So, minimizing drag changes the ratio of time spent riding to charging, which makes a Zero more suitable for travel.