Structural Parts

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Structural Parts
Years Models Subsystem Part No Type Description Notes Diagram Quantity Link
2017-2020 Gen2+Gen3 Structural 20-00709 Spring S KS SPRING IN Frame(Left) 1 [1]
2014-2020 20-02455 Spacer X BRAKE PEDAL SPACER Braking [2]
20-02465 Bearing IGLIDE BEARING GFM-1416-06 1,2 [3]
20-02727 Spring TORSION SPRING, .678 OD .078 WIRE, CCW Frame (Left) [4]
20-03066 Bolt RIVET PUSH PUSH NYLON M6 Body Trim [5]
SDS+Gen3 20-03487 Reflector REFLECTOR, OVAL, ADH BACK, RED ECIE Lighting 1,3 [6]
Gen2+Gen3 20-04279 Footpeg FOOTPEG DETENT PLATE Frame (Left) 1,2 [7]
20-05453 Sprocket LOW PROFILE BELT SPROCKET MOTOR SHAFT TOPHAT Motor and Drive System 1 [9]
20-06068 Bearing STEERING HEAD BEARING KOYO SAC3055-1 Steering Systems 1,2 [10]
20-06138 BEARING 6204 NOTE: Bearing used as swing arm bearing in some models and as the wheel bearing (qty of 5
2 in front and three in rear wheel) in 2015 and later models.
NOTE: Manufacturer part number is 6204-2RS
Rear Suspension 1,2,5 [11]