Tail Light Flashers

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The stock tail/brake light assembly is an integrated unit with LEDs.

However, products are available that connects easily into the Zero lighting wiring harness.

These can be installed under the seat behind the motor controller.
  • VoloLights
    This positions itself as a license plate lighting replacement.
    Provides a flashing setting and a riding mode for normal/sport/touring around the license plate.
  • GearBrake Smart Brake Light Module™ with flashing and non-flashing options.
    Brake Light Flasher Module without the accelerometer.
    Support Documents including FAQ and PDF installation instructions.
    Provides a flashing function or allows regen to trigger the brake light by orienting it so its accelerometer picks up on the deceleration correctly.
    The product page list Zero models up to 2015 model year and will likely be updated for 2016+ when the owner gets to it.