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Theory and Explanations

Torque Measurement

Via Re: 2016 FXS 77 ft-lbs torque in app: Torque (in Nm), is calculated by the controller.

  • Inside the controller you have a "max torque" number for the motor, and you have a "max discharge" number in Amps for the battery.
    There is no force sensor.
  • It simply looks at amps / voltage drawn divided by rpm and the gear ratio
    If the torque displayed is at:
    • the motor's shaft, then the controller only is likely the number used.
    • the wheel, then the controller number likely goes through the MBB or the app itself before the app as it needs to apply a gear ratio which isn't used inside the controller.
  • Now, the max discharge rate is a RDPO variable sent from the firmware on the bike.
    This sets the limit programmatically by zero and overwrites changes to the controller.
    People who modify these settings have to fill in this data with dummy data so it is still "addressed" but not used by the controller.
    This means if zero changes them via firmware updates they will propagate to the controller via these RDPO values.

Battery Voltage VS SoC Display

Why voltage needs to be on the app follows Re: Limp mode at 25% from Electric Terry.


Shadow says:

  • All fasteners by name and torque (or other) specification from all model year user manuals and any available service manuals, with citation for where information comes from.
    Additional addendum to this for filling in the missing information with common sense and educated guesses.
    This can then be referenced throughout the site.
    I'll take this on (slow and steady) for Zero Motorcycles and when it is nearer to being complete there will be a call out to owners for their measures and descriptions of fasteners for the addendum.


What procedures do people want to see?